Why LaHe Organics?

Naturopathically Formulated 

All herbal teas, products and medicines are formulated by our qualified naturopath. 

Natural & Organic

We believe that anything you place on or in your body should be truly free of harsh chemicals and safe to nature. We choose organic first, as nature intended.  

Handcrafted with Love

We lovingly handcraft all our products. We are serious about the integrity of our preparations. Natural ingredients carefully combined to nurture your body and mind. 

Sustainable & Plastic Free

Growing up in an Ecological Centre in Brazil has made Laila aware of all sustainable practices from composting toilets to organic gardening, water harvesting and planting forests. Laila feels like it just wouldn’t be right if she didn’t walk her talk. All the products are sourced from sustainable producers that protect the climate, keep air and water clean and preserve forests. We practise a “plastic-free” ethos.

Australian Made

We are an Australian company working from the Byron Bay Shire.